Empower Your Retail Business
and Go Green with Digital Receipts.
Empower Your Retail Business
and Go Green with Digital Receipts.
Connect Your Business with ReceiptRoller’s Integrated POS
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Easy to use
Integrate receipt roller with Smaregi or Square app
Process payments with the integrated service
Issue the receipt by having the customer scan the QR code!
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Advantages of E-Receipts

01. Environmental Consideration

By using electronic receipts, you can reduce water and energy consumption associated with paper production and minimize CO2 emissions related to printing and distribution. Additionally, electronic receipts contribute to significant waste reduction as paper receipts are less reusable. This enables a lighter environmental footprint and offers a more sustainable choice.

02. Operational Efficiency

Digitizing vast amounts of information significantly reduces search time. Utilizing keyword search and folder categorization functions allows you to swiftly find essential information. Furthermore, this information can be analyzed for improved customer experiences, making it possible to consider and provide better customer service.

03. Ease of Search and Organization

Electronic receipts can be organized using features like keyword search and folder categorization. Searching for specific products or store names enables you to quickly locate related receipts. Additionally, digital information streamlines organization and access, offering substantial benefits to business owners.

04. Cost Reduction

With the adoption of digitalization, the costs associated with receipt roll paper, the necessity of machines for printing receipts, and the expenses related to their placement are eliminated. Furthermore, digitalization reduces the search costs for vast amounts of data and the need for physical storage space.

These benefits enable economic burden reduction, improved operational efficiency, and a lighter environmental impact through digitalization.
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月額 ¥ 550 (税込)
月額 ¥ 550 550 (税込)
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